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In certain moments, especially towards its nearapocalyptic. The setting is a presentday motel room on the edge of the mojave desert, where, for 90 minutes, may kathy baker and eddie ed harris constantly batter one another against the walls. Sam shepards bruising fool for love can wear itself thin quickly when a director understands the play as a love story, or an anti love story, or a. In sam shepards fool for love, sam rockwell and nina arianda play troubled lovers eddie and. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay andor viewings of fool for love. The play focuses on may and eddie, former lovers who have met again in a motel in the desert. Facility theatre is seeking actors for all roles in their upcoming production of fool for love by sam shepherd and directed by zeljko djukic. Eddie in fool for love eddie according to the stage directions that introduce him, eddies walk gives away his profession, since he ambles around like he spends more time on horses than off.

Soulpeppers fool for love exposes the heart of sam. Fool for love sam shepard monologue free pdf file sharing. His plays are crazy, physical, slightly confusing bundles of emotion. His plays included chicago, the tooth of crime, true west, fool for love, a lie of the mind, the late henry moss, heartless, and a particle of dread. Some critics consider the play part of a quintet which includes shepards family trilogy. Part of her impact probably is because the director is altman. It was filmed in eldorado and las vegas, new mexico. Eddie monologue from fool for love english version youtube.

Before he even took a drink, he offered it to me first. Mojave desert motel fool for love is a play written by american playwright and actor sam shepard. The film focuses on the couples fluctuating past and present relationships, and the dark secrets hidden within, including one from an old man who lives near the motel harry dean stanton. This will be facility theatres inaugural production. He has made a melodrama, almost a soap opera, in which the characters achieve a kind of nobility. Fool for love auditions facility theatre theatre in. He wrote fool for love after leaving his wife, olan, for movie actress, jessica lange and has a complicated past with his heavydrinking father. The old man starts out being kind of anonymous, hence the fact that he doesnt get an actual name. Fool for love is a fulllength comedic drama by sam shepard. We only provide suggested audition monologues or songs for an individual character if our system finds content that matches a. When we first meet him, hes just chilling in his rocking chair on a little platform jutting out from the stage. May, eddie, and the old man are on stage when the lights come upthe old man separated physically from may and eddie either on a different platform or another dividing convention of the set. Dramatists play service, one of the premier playlicensing and theatrical publishing agencies in the world, was formed in 1936 to foster national opportunities for playwrights by publishing affordable editions of their plays and handling the performance rights to these works. Sam shepards fool for love, a finalist for the pulitzer prize in 1984, poses a question that most of us never ask.

Guido segal eddies monologue from fool for love, by sam shepard on vimeo join. Fool for love, eddie s opening monologuestatements vesrsus noninverted questions the visual opposition of the statements and questions of this monologue makes it easier to witness their different purposes. Eddie, an old flame and childhood friend, finds her there and threatens to drag her back into the life from which she had fled. Dps offers an extensive list of titles that includes many of the most significant plays of the past century. Eddie monologue from a play fool for love by sam shepard contact info. Finally, the fool for love script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie based on the sam shepard play. Fool for love plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips.

May is hiding out at an old motel in the mojave desert. Fool for love is a play by sam shepard that was first published in 1983. The play packs fifteen years of the obsessive love hate relationship of eddie, an aging rodeo rider and may who may be his half sister, into a reunion in a below. Near the end of fool for love, may and eddie each have long monologues which allow them to tell their version of their shared past. As theater, fool for love could be called an indoor rodeo. When he attempts to console may, who is distressed by eddie s frequent absences and love affairs, she seems, at first, to softenbut then she suddenly attacks him. Fool for love script transcript from the screenplay and. The descendingintonation statements serve to construct eddie s character, full of repetitive insistence and directives. Fool for love, sam shepards pulitzer prizenominated 1983 play about two broken people locked inside a shared a history and obsession, is the first offering by art of wny in their new home in the theatre loft at 545 elmwood avenue. Eddie is the son of a distant, unaffectionate, alcoholic father the. Competition and audition season is quickly approaching. The play premiered in 1983 at the magic theatre in san francisco, where shepard was the playwrightinresidence.

The american academy of dramatic arts recommends fool for love for female monologues. This play is to be performed relentlessly without a break. Theres a 1985 movie version of fool for love starring shepard himself as eddie, and kim basinger as may. Is it eddie, the rodeo stuntman who repeatedly cheats on his girl. Fool for love, eddies opening monologueparadigmatic verbal analysis. With fool for love, he has succeeded on two levels that seem opposed to each other. As the play opens, may arianda and eddie rockwell are slumped and unspeaking in a dingy motel room in the mojave desert. Highlights from devastating romance fool for love, starring. Or is it the old man, whose philosophy of rollingstone fatherhood fails to take account of the damaged lives. Eddies character contains autobiographical elements of sam shepards life. Fool for love by sam shepard fool for love 1983 is a play written by american playwrightactor sam shepard. The play is the fourth in a quintet of family tragedies by sam shepard in which an alcoholic father plays a central role in the lives of the characters. He threatens her metaphorically and, at times, literally drags her back into the life she had fled from. The eight plays in fool for love and other plays make a strong case that sam shepard was blessed beyond being tall and handsome with an enviable head of lasting hair.

Through searing truth and dark humor, fool for love shows the story of two people who just cant live without each other whether they like it or not. School of performing arts audition monologues bachelor of dramatic art audition monologue booklet u20 for 2011 entry page 2 of 42 index. From the stage directions, we know that only may and eddie can heartalk to him. If sam shepard fool for love had a subtitle it might be the end of an affair that should never have begun. When eddie finds himself alone with martin, mays date, he takes the opportunity to relate his and his sisters past. The hollywood reporter, llc is a subsidiary of prometheus global media, llc. If you are the begrudging type, leave this book and the mans legacy beyond it alone. The film stars sam shepard, who also wrote both the original play and the adaptations screenplay, alongside kim basinger, harry dean stanton, randy quaid and martha crawford. His first play was produced offoffbroadway when he was 19 years old and he won the first of his 8 obie awards when he was 23 years old. Sam shepard also stars as eddie, a rodeo rider who drives up to an endofnowhere motel, and starts causing trouble within the first 60 seconds. Holed up in a seedy motel on the edge of the mojave desert, two former lovers unpack the deep secrets and dark desires of their tangled relationship, passionately tearing each other apart. Monologues first version of beautiful kristen bartlett.

When he attempts to console may, who is distressed by eddies frequent absences and love affairs, she seems, at first, to softenbut then she suddenly attacks. This intent of this site is to provide a resource for actors who are looking for great monologues and resource material to enhance their craft. Feel free to post monologues, scenes and resource material. Who is the fool in sam shepards 1983 chamber play fool for love. May, a disheveled young woman, sits dejectedly on a rumpled bed while eddie, a roughspoken rodeo performer, crouches in a corner fiddling with his riding gear. Fool for love, which opens today at the plaza theater, has several exceptional things going for it, namely the performances by mr. Guido segal eddies monologue from fool for love, by. I know, i know, i still need to get the cast names in there and ill be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. May, eddie and the old man are the main characters. Fool for love script transcript from the screenplay andor movie.

Fool for love is a 1985 american drama film directed by robert altman. Whats astonishing is that fool for love is essentially a male drama, told from a male point of view, and yet basinger is able to suggest so much with her performance that she steals the center of the stage right away from the man who wrote her lines and is playing opposite her. Below are 10 monologues 5 dramatic and 5 comedic from love sick female characters who have a bone to pick with love. The old man, however, is a figment of may and eddie s imaginations.

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