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If the two are already occupied in your current setup, you can swap them both out with two sticks of larger capacity but. Performance difference between ddr2 1066 cl5 and ddr3 1600 cl9. These modules are of the same production line as the ones i have, but these ones can run at 1866mhz and on cl9 im fairly certain i can plug these two together to run at 1600 cl9, but i. Double data rate iii ddr3 memory upgrades all ddr3 memory upgrades from dms are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Atech for apple 8gb kit 2x 4gb ddr3 1067mhz 1066mhz pc38500 sodimm memory ram upgrade for macbook, macbook pro, imac, mac mini late 2008, early 2009, mid 2009, late 2009, mid 2010 models. Specially selected for the mac book dedicated memory, strict testing to ensure the best compatibility, enhance stability and performance, so that consumers can choose according to model and ease of use. Free delivery and returns on ebay plus items for plus members.

Cas latency can be referred to in several different ways. Com, including axiom pc26400 sodimm 800mhz 4gb module 4 gb 1 x 4 gb ddr2 sdram 800 mhz ddr2800pc26400 200pin sodimm, axiom 4gb ddr2 sdram memory module 4gb 800mhz ddr2800pc26400 ddr2 sdram 200pin sodimm, axiom vgpmm4gdax 4gb ddr2 sdram memory module 4 gb ddr2. The intel xeon 5600 series has 3 memory banks, if one dimm ate put in each bank you get a memory speed of 33mhz, with two in each bank the memory. So thats why im wondering if 1600 cl10 or 33 cl9 is faster. I read somewhere that the type s has approx 10hp more the base euro. Kingston valueram ddr3 33 pc310600 4gb cl9 en pccomponentes. We have ddr3 upgrades for laptops, desktops, printers and servers. Lets start by looking at a few terms used when describing ecc memory. It has a manual transmission, but because of cutting edge technology, it needs no clutch.

From the original sdram technology all the way to ddr4, weve engineered the memory technologies that have powered the. Performance gain when using cl7 and cl9 rams techpowerup forums. The ddr333 cl6, ddr31600 cl7, and ddr32000 cl9 are all. Everything you need to know about ddr, ddr2 and ddr3 memories. According to apple your machine has the 1066 mhz cl7. Atech 8gb ddr3 1600 mhz pc3 12800 dimm desktop ram module 2rx8. Ddr2 sdram stands for double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. Is it really worth the extra dough to get some ddr3 1600 cl9 vs some ddr2 1066 cl5. Ddr2 800 cl5 vs cl4 vs 1200 cl5, a comparison you should also compare 44412 vs 5551518 here at the same exact fsb, strap and memory multispeed as i see you have linked to here for users to check out 44412 vs 55512 but that is not what this post is about really considering the strap changes and memory speeds and other timings that. Both running k24, but is it running different ecu help on the matter woul. Cl7 memory has risen up in price a lot lately, so it doesnt look practical to get another set. A ram kit with a cas of 16 takes 16 ram clock cycles to complete this task.

I expect the increase between cl5 and cl6 is probably much closer to about 2% or less. A very nice whip, its good and fast with plenty of power. So cl5 does whatever it needs to do every 5 clock cycles, while cl6 takes 6 cycles. Corsair vs2gsds667d2 2gb ddr2 667mhzpc2 5300 sodimm laptop memory cl5 is a best loved selection some people. As with ddr2 versus ddr, ddr3 has greater latency than ddr2. Cl6 value faster but was sent one with a value of cl9 slower clock cycles. We offer dimms and sodimm that range in speed from pc38500 to pc312800.

A detailed and thorough description of ram speed vs. Pc3 12800 cl9 desktop memory with black mamba heatsink pv316g160c9k. Hynix 4gb pc312800 ddr31600mhz desktop 240pin dimm ram memory module mfr pn hmt451u6afr8cpb. Ddr, ddr2, and ddr3 memories are classified according to the maximum speed at which they can work, as well as their timings. The cas latency is the delay between the time at which the column address and the column address strobe signal are presented to the memory module and the time at which the corresponding data is made available by the memory module. Hi im a newbie here, and im interested in purchasing a euro and wanting to modify it for a vip look. Please dont bash a company when you dont know what your talking about. Singlesided vs doublesidedlearn what these terms mean and how they might. As i dont know much about the accord, only the basics thanks. Its just that with vsl using the first part of any sample played straight from ram, if i have a whole orchestra playing at once i. Ive ran the memory highly overclocked and highly overvolted. At 23mhz, memory latency decreased to only 40ns although memory throughput between 1600mhz cl787241t and cl6 86211t was not discernible, memory latency improved a fair bit with cl6.

It gets into the deep dark places of memory timings. Dec 24, 2012 what is faster and better for an fx8120. After i ordered, i read a few recent threads here and found out about ram from kingston with a faster cl cl9 vs. Were really sorry but weve sold out of this product and are unable to obtain more stock. There is no need to pay more for lower latency since its very unlikely that you will notice something. Memory settings ddr3 memory scaling on amds phenom ii. Column access strobe cas latency, or cl, is the delay time between the read command. As a brand of micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, crucial desktop memory is the standard for reliable performance. Hymp125s64cp8s6ab hynix 2gb ddr2 800mhz pc26400 200pins cl6. The tests conducted demonstrate performance increases both, when increasing memory clock and while keeping the clock constant and changing timings. Patriot memory s viper 3 series memory kits are designed with true performance in mind. So im looking at the 1833mhz dominator cl9 or the 2000mhz dominator cl8 becuase.

Dec 08, 2008 which ram is the fastest 800mhz cl6 or 800mhz cl5 someone from my family is asking. It is expressed in nanoseconds or clock cycles, depending on whether it is dram or sdram. Canada ram sells memory in canada dimm, ddr4, ddr3, ddr2. Buy kingston valueram kvr800d2n62g 2gb 800mhz ddr2 nonecc cl6 dimm desktop memory online at low price in india on. Nonecc, or nonparity, memory is fine for most systems not running a server. Gabriel torres is a brazilian bestselling ict expert, with 24 books published. Ordered a unit with a lower cl6 value faster but was sent one with a value of cl9 slower clock cycles. Buy dell memory 2 gb so dimm 200pin ddr2 800 mhz pc26400 unbuffered nonecc. Hynix 4gb 2 x 2gb pc26400s ddr2 800 ddr2 sodimm cl6 laptop notebook memory kit. Computer ddr2 sdram for sale shop with afterpay ebay. If you have a computer related question, this is the place to be. Dec 11, 2009 looking to build a performance machine for video editing. Did full memory test once installed and it passed no problems. I can only find one 1600 cl9 kit, and that is more than twice as expensive as any 1600 cl10 kit.

The ddr3 ram is quite a bit more expensive than the ddr2. Typical latency values for mainstream ddr3 memory are cl7 or cl9, compared to cl5 or cl6 for ddr2. Refer to the cl7 control installation instructions included with this control for additional information. Jun 23, 2004 i doubt if you have cl5 memory installed in your pc, usually its cl3, or 2. Hymp125s64cp8s6ab hynix 2gb ddr2 800mhz pc26400 200pins. Ecs elitegroup book pc ii series bks630e, book pc iii model bkiii630, d6vaa. Ram types and features foundation topics pearson it. Buy kingston valueram 1gb 800mhz ddr2 nonecc cl6 dimm desktop memory. I tested 1600mhz cl6 at cl9 using the built in standard and xmp profiles and it felt no different, i was watching hard for a difference in gaming and general windows use considering thats up to a 50% increase in latency. Skill kit operating at spec was nearly a good 10ns faster than generic value ram.

Buy kingston kvr33d3s98g valueram 8gb 33mhz ddr3 nonecc cl9 sodimm notebook memory online at low price in india on. I understand the fundamental differences between the two, but i am wondering about the actual performance difference. Ddr3 memory is available in speeds ranging from ddr3800 to ddr323. Samsung 4gb pc310600 ddr3 33mhz sodimm 204 pin memory. Buy 4gb ddr2800 computer ram and get the best deals at the lowest prices on ebay. Or if im spending that much i might as well look at the other types out there. Atech 16gb 2x8gb ddr3 33mhz dimm pc310600 2rx8 dual rank 1. Tested and compatible with intels and amds ddr3 compatible processors and chipsets, the viper 3 series provides the best performance and stability for the most demanding computer environments. Which ram is the fastest 800mhz cl6 or 800mhz cl5 techspot. However like the other answers say, higher ram specs are. Memory free delivery possible on eligible purchases.

Buy 4gb kit 2x2gb ddr2 800mhz pc26400 for mac cl6 sodimm 200pin at. The kingston memory configurer states cl6 but ebuyer only has the cl5 equivelent at a good price as far as i can see they are compatible and the cl5 is slightly better but i wanted to get some second opionions before i went ahead and ordered. Kingston valueram kvr800d2n62g 2gb 800mhz ddr2 nonecc cl6 dimm desktop memory. Which is the best memory choice for amds phenom ii x4.

Cas latency or column address strobe latency is a measurement of delay of the chips process. Accordingly, the cas latency of an sdram memory module is specified in clock ticks. Compare 23 ddr2 sodimm pc2 6400 4gb products at shop. First of all, i dont really understand how this works. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. Timetec hynix ic 8gb kit 2x4gb ddr3 33mhz pc310600 unbuffered nonecc 1. Sodimm pc26400 ddr2800 4gb computer ram for sale ebay. Ddr4 ram actual timings full comparison grid pcstats. Everything you always wanted to know about sdram memory. Get the best deal for 8gb ddr2800 computer ram from the largest online selection at. As its ddr3l l meaning low voltage its good for a laptop, less heat is always an advantage. What is the difference between cl8 and cl9 ram ddr3. The guide is to keep memory of a similar configuration, i suspect that your current memory is cl3 and so purchasing another stick of cl3 at the same speed pc2700 would be fine. Hyperx hx316ls9ibk216 is a kit of two 1g x 64bit 8gb ddr3l1600 cl9 sdram synchronous dram 2rx8, low voltage, memory modules, based on sixteen 512m x 8bit ddr3 fbga components per module.

You can increase your ddr2 memory by adding another ddr2 pc26400 module in your dual channel memory bank. With the external quality touchstones of pc laptop memory category, therefore realising this product a posh or as you can imagine lasting. Once upon a time, a slower memory with a smaller cl could. Kingston hyperx impact black 8gb 1600mhz ddr3l cl9 sodimm 1. Skill sniper dimm kit 8gb pc314900u cl9 10928 ddr3. Mar 20, 2010 hi there guys i am thinking of buying a honda euro type s cl9 and wanted to know whether performance wise this is different from the base accord euro. Sep 27, 2009 i have a jm800qlu1g ram on my pc i want to upgrade it to 4gb 2x2gb pc6400 800mhz ddr2 pc2 desktop ram memory jm800qlu1g seems to be a cl5 one but the one i want to buy is cl6 will the cl6 one cause a problem what is the difference between cl5 and cl6 thank you. Im currently driving an lexus is200 anyway, ive already tried to search on this, and couldnt find anything. Get the best deal for pc26400 ddr2800 computer ram from the largest online selection at. Cas latency is the amount of time between the memory controller requesting data and the data arriving on the pins. Although ddr3 modules also use 240 pins, their layout and keying are different than ddr2, and they cannot be interchanged.

The intel xeon 5600 series has 3 memory banks, if one dimm ate put in each bank you get a memory speed of 33mhz, with two in each bank the memory frequency drops to 1066mhz and with three dimms. Ram timings are numbers such as 3448, 55515, 77721, or 999. Hi, ive been searching for an answer but found no concrete information. Get the best deals on patriot memory computer memory ram and find everything youll need to improve your home office setup at. Integrating an aluminum heat sink, the xpg gaming series dram modules deliver great reliability while freeing up your compu. Kingston kvr33d3s98g valueram 8gb 33mhz ddr3 nonecc cl9. We tested as many speeds as possible using aggressive and. Patriot memory 8gb ddr3 1600 extreme performance viper 3. Ddr3 computer memory upgrades pc38500 pc310600 pc3. The 1600 cl10 kits are in the same price range as the 33 cl9 kits. Apr 21, 2009 what is the difference between cl8 and cl9 ram ddr3. Discussion in hardware components and aftermarket upgrades started by stege, nov 27, 20.

Sep 29, 2014 looking to put 8 more gigs of ram in my rig and got a really good offer on to 4gb modules of vengeance ram. Everyone else can rest assured that using relatively inexpensive ddr333 memory wont cost them. But i think in practice you dont see anywhere near that performance increase. Each module kit has been tested to run at ddr3l1600 at a low latency timing of 999 at 1. Jun 11, 2011 performance gain when using cl7 and cl9 rams. But device is good and and i think its best considering price vs. Review micro center brand 8gb ddr3 33 memory hardware. Its the delay timein clock cycles between when a memory controller tells the ram to access data in a particular section of the ram and when the data is actually sent. One ram is faster in one way 800 mhz but slower in another way cl6 the other ram is the other way around cl6 800 mhz ram is more prevalent and cheaper. These nonecc 4 gb ddr2 cl6 modules are able to run at 800 mhz clock speeds with each 200pin sodimm stick. Visit bt shop and get great offers on generic memory in our cl5 cl10 category. Skill ripjawsx dimm kit 8gb pc314900u cl9 10928 ddr31866 or g. A ram kit with a cas latency of 16, for example, can be described as cas 16 or cl16 or as having cas 16 timings. S225112 cl6 series microprocessorbased regulator control.

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