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Lewis and clark expedition lewis and clark expedition pacific ocean and return. Homeward bound, the lewis and clark expedition leaves. May 14, 1804 camp river dubois, illinois the expedition began. Why did the lewis and clark expedition cross north america. Lewis and clark expedition timeline timeline description. York 1770 before 1832 was an africanamerican explorer best known for his participation with the lewis and clark expedition. Meriwether lewis and william clark had the right to explore new territory and the responsibility to make the area secure for new settlers.

Lewis and clark s exploration of the west remains one of the best stories in american history. Our journey west with lewis and clark rudolph murphy, claire, bond, higgins on. Learn more about his life and role during the expedition. Fierce storms delayed their progress for nearly a month. Clark brings along york, a slave he has owned since childhood.

This map traces the corps of discoverys historic journey west in red and trip home in blue. Meriwether lewis and william clark are known as trailblazing explorers of the american west, not pioneering scientists. Soon lewis and clark s tortuous route across the bitterroot range will be left to the indians once more. Lewis didnt start off the journey with the others, he joined them in st. With lewis is a newfoundland dog, seaman, he has purchased for 20 dollars. The lewis and clark expedition is also an amazing american story. The journey west lewis and clark expedition timeline. Lewis and clark expedition essay 926 words bartleby. Setting off into unknown land the corp of discovery leaves camp dubois to explore and record what they discover west of the mississippi river. Lewis and clarks expedition national geographic kids. This expedition helped the united states advance in science, land as well as gaining many valuable resources. A timeline of the extraordinary expedition in 1804, lewis and clark set off on a journey filled with harrowing confrontations, harsh weather and fateful decisions as they scouted. Lewis and clark decide to take a vote as to where they should build their quarters for winter.

The corps of discovery started their journey west from st. Missouri and the mississippi rivers, and a mandan man made sketches of the land to the west. Click on any of the eleven states to read excerpts from the lewis and clark journals, discover. Lewis and clarks journey timeline timetoast timelines. Beginning with preparations for the journey in 1803, it highlights the expeditions exploration of the west and concludes with its. As his cocommander he selected william clark, who had been his military superior during the governments battles with the northwest indian. And it also met the other various goals, especially by increasing scientific knowledge and providing more reliable maps.

William clark was selected by meriwether lewis to help lead the journey west. While clark is on a scouting expedition, lewis meets up with 60 warriors of the shoshone nation. Great journey west, as national geographic brings to life the first crossing of what would become the united states. Lewis and clark s expedition across america has been romanticized, demonized, and everything in between. They left camp wood and started the journey from the missouri river. Hungry bears and angry indians, waterfalls and rapids, lack of food and deadly winters all stand in. The event was held at the inn operated by william christy, a noted city businessman, politician, and someone clark described as my old acquaintance. During the planned expedition to the west, lewis would use the sextant. Meriwether lewis born august 18, 1774 and william clark born august 1, 1770 under the supervision of president thomas jefferson, led a two and onehalf year expedition across the western united states, exploring, drawing maps, and working to develop relationships with native american tribes. It began in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, made its way westward, and passed through the continental divide of the americas to reach the pacific coast. January 18, 1803 jefferson gets the authorization to send the expedition. Lewis reported that he found the plant agreeable and could eat heartily of it without feeling any inconvenience may 2, 1806. Lewis also writes a letter to william clark to ask him if he wants to go on the expedition, and clark writes back, saying yes.

Louis on may 14, 1804 and they made their way as far as mandan, north dakota when snow started to come. Learn why meriwether lewis spent over a month in harpers ferry, and how the town contributed to the expedition. July 6, 1803 harpers ferry, west virginia lewis picked up supplies and equipment manufactured or. When thomas jefferson became the third president of the united states in 1801, the country basically stopped at the mississippi river. Enslaved by william clark s father and passed down through a will to william clark, he performed hard manual labor without pay, but participated as a full member of the expedition. The money would enable meriwether lewis, william clark, and about 30 other explorers to map a water route from the mississippi river to the pacific ocean. Lewis and clark timeline 1804 gateway arch national park u. The expedition had one major outcome that was made available to the public well before the expedition was over. Lewis and clark expedition and timeline of the lewis and clark expedition have philadelphia templates and connections, but nothing about philadelphia and only a little about pennsylvania in the articles. Great journey west are a behindthescenes program on the making of the documentary, as well as an interactive map.

Lewis and clark timeline though its widely assumed that thomas. The journey west on january 18, 1803, president thomas jefferson requested money from congress. Once he establishes their peaceful intentions, he and his men are welcomed into the tribes village. But during their 8,000mile journey from missouri to the pacific ocean and. During this time, lewis and clark wrote their first report to president jefferson. Lewis and clarks expedition timeline missouris natural. With careful research and meticulous recreations, this scientific expedition lives again on your television screen. Lewis and clark timeline 1803 gateway arch national park u. Lewis and clark s arsenal included 200 pounds of gunpowder and an experimental air rifle. Lewis and clark indian tribes, puzzle, game pitt ed go west with lewis and clark. William clark, to explore the louisiana purchase and the pacific northwest.

On the morning of may 4, 1806, the expedition stopped for breakfast at a nez perce village of six families on the snake river near what is now the alopwai interpretive center, about eight miles west of. In 1804 lewis and clark set off on their expedition west along with thirtythree other men, known as the corps of discovery. Below is a timeline of lewis and clarks extraordinary expedition. And the lewis and clark expedition also strengthened a united states claim to the oregon territory, so the expedition did ultimately lead toward the settlement of the west. In 1804, lewis and clark set off on a journey filled with harrowing confrontations, harsh weather and fateful decisions as they scouted a route across the american west. Fallwinter expedition establishes camp wood also called camp dubois on east bank of mississippi, upstream from st. The journey west lewis and clark expedition timeline created by donita holmes.

In it, they chronicled 108 plant species and 68 mineral types. Native homelands along the lewis and clark trail 2006 duration. Lewis chose william clark as his coleader for the mission. The classroom activities were created by a team of awardwinning educators to parallel the fourhour television documentary, lewis and clark. Key dates of the lewis and clark expedition dummies. They finally arrived at the pacific ocean in midnovember, with clark recording in his journal, ocian in view. The first europeanamericans to venture west of the mississippi had quite an adventure partly because lewis and clark surrounded themselves with a cast of unusual characters to take with them, and partly because of the. Beginning with preparations for the journey in 1803, it highlights the expedition s exploration of the west and concludes with its return to st. Animals discovered by lewis and clark in the american west. History of the lewis and clark expedition thoughtco.

The lewis and clark expedition is brought to vivid life through the eyes of hugh mcneal, one of the teams youngest members. The journals of lewis and clark adult documentary duration. The lewis and clark expedition from may 1804 to september 1806, also known as the corps of discovery expedition, was the first american expedition to cross the western portion of the united states. The lewis and clark expedition began in 1804, when president thomas jefferson tasked meriwether lewis with exploring lands west of the mississippi river. The expedition was a major chapter in the history of american exploration. Test your packing smarts, be a reporter interactive. That was the estimate of the eastern indians, which lewis and clark compiled during the winter of 180405 and sent back on the keeled barge in april 1805. Upon leaving fort mandan, lewis and clark sent this report, along with some members of the expedition and a map of the u. Philadelphia was important in the preparations, and in the reports after the return of the party, so a lot of information is missing. Whitaker center for science and the arts 26,856 views. Lewis and clark expedition timeline timetoast timelines. Clark and the rest of the expedition arrives as well, and it is discovered that the shoshone chief cameahwait is sacagaweas brother. They travel in a large boat and 2 small boats up the missisouri river. He tells lewis, and he starts learning everything there has to know, and ordering supplies.

From fort massac, ohio all the way to the pacific ocean, this team of bold explorers faces one danger after another. President thomas jefferson selected his personal secretary, meriwether lewis, and william clark to lead an expedition to the west coast. Lewis and clark meet three trappers in two pirogues. Lewis and clark expedition pacific ocean and return. Here are the eighteen toasts as reported in the kentucky western world. Lewis procured weapons at harpers ferry, virginia now in west virginia, supervised the construction of a 55foot 17metre keelboat, and secured smaller vessels, in addition to designing an ironframed boat that could be assembled on the journey. Lewis and clark timeline 1806 gateway arch national park. The lewis and clark expedition began in 1804, when president thomas jefferson tasked meriwether lewis with exploring lands west of the mississippi river that comprised the louisiana purchase. The lewis and clark expedition at the time known as the corps of discovery expedition, was the first american exploration of what is now the western portion. The mandan and hidatsa indian tribes helped them survive the below freezing weather. Lewis discovers a village of shoshones and tries to negotiate for horses.

The corps of discovery carried one of the largest arsenals ever taken west of the mississippi. Lewis and clark timeline lewis and clark trail heritage. The corps of discovery disbands, lewis is named governor of the louisiana territory, and clark is appointed indian agent for the west. Lewis and clark s journey started out from camp dubois shown in the image. Young university and author of several books about western exploration. First election in new territory west of mississippi river. Lewis and clark persuade dorion to return to sioux camp to act as interpreter. Lewis and clark dispatch the big keelboat and roughly a dozen men back downriver, along with maps, reports, indian artifacts, and boxes of scientific specimens for jefferson indian corn, animal. Timeline of the lewis and clark expedition wikipedia. A timeline created with timetoasts interactive timeline maker. Heres what the corp of discovery brought with them. Louis, its citizens celebrated the expedition s return with a grand dinner and ball. Lewis and clark expedition the lewis and clark expedition was amongst one of the first major american expeditions.

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