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System design for a solar powered electric vehicle charging station for workplaces. Some of what i believe has been my best design work is the suspension and steering system on the university of calgary solar car teams fifth generation car. The objective of this project is to design analysis and fabricate the elements of body and chassis of a race type solar car for the target of the most lightweight and lowest material cost design. Various advantageous chassis design techniques, such as reducing the frontal area, were adopted from the existing solar car designs and applied to the model geometry. Creo software tool was used for designing and ansys software tool was used for finite element analyses fea. The solar car body design 3 have minimum drag force and pressure at front of the body. We provide a unique opportunity for stanford students to gain valuable handson engineering and business experience while raising community awareness of clean energy vehicles. Aluminum alloy aa6063t6 was used as a material for. Solar car is a solar vehicle used for land transport. Polyurethane foam covered in fiberglas and reinforced with carbon fiber. Apr 08, 2017 a detailed study of 7 unique solar pv design and simulation software s that were listed in a 2015 publication by mnreteri.

From creating an accurate model of the car and every nut and bolt in it in 3d, to the design and simulation of critical aspects such as the chassis and suspension, software programs have become commonplace to amateur car design. This means that our design will differ from the solar cars that exist today. In a practical and downtoearth way, it covers the fundamentals of how race cars handle and the requirements for designing and constructing a car. There are many complicated systems that must all interact without hiccups and without caveats. You can create the interior design of the car, but also the engine or the car body. How a solar powered car works fastest designs tips mechanics suspension steering and brakes world record speeds. How a solar powered car works car chassis design tips to diy build it yourself from nelson kay solar cars chassis or frame. The design of a motor controller to control the cars speed and forwardreverse direction of motion is shown. When i joined prisum, the team was starting to design the first car that would compete in the world solar challenge, penumbra. Car design tools for chassis, suspension, aerodynamics. Stanford solar car project designing, building, and. There is no comparison to any other 4link software. Conceptual design and numerical validation of a composite. Mode frequencies for the spring are also determined using.

The solar car chassis design 2 have minimum displacement, worst strain and worst stress. Chassis master software tim mcamis performance parts. In 2014 durham university solar car combined with durham university formula student to create durham university electric motorsport duem. Most solar cars that exist today are designed for crosscountry races, but our goal is just to set the land speed record for a solar car. Muhamad fikri bin abd rahman universiti malaysia pahang. The chassis or frame is a structure which locates and mounts all other parts of the vehicle. This thesis present about design and analysis solar car chassis and body. The solar car body design 3 have minimum drag force and pressure at. Existing monocoque solar vehicle chassis designs were investigated to gain an understanding of the shape and geometry features of effective designs. In this project you will need creativity and experimentation to design and build a car powered by two solar cells and a small electric motor.

Muhammad zahir, electric car chassis design and analysis by using catia v5 r19, iosr journal of mechanical and civil engineering iosrjmce eissn. Backbone chassis is easy to make and cost effective. The design of a solar vehicle is severely limited by the amount of energy input into the car. Produce orthographic drawing of chassis and pictorial drawing with sizes. Pdf design, analysis and fabricate solar car chasis and. This knowledge was used to develop the preliminary chassis geometry, detailed in section 7. There are multiple types of chassis but all of them can be classified into one of two approaches use lengths of round or square tubing, or other structural metal shapes to. Solar racing lesson plan 1 solar racing lesson plan the design, construction and evaluation of a solarpowered car suggested grade level 68 overview in this design challenge, students will harness the power of the sun to design, construct and evaluate a solarpowered model car of their creation. There are many components in a solar car such as solar panel, chassis frame, steering system, transmission system, suspension system. The mechanical construction from scratch of the chassis along with all necessary mechanical systems is illustrated. Mini solar cars combine technology typically used in the aerospace, bicycle, alternative energy and automotive industries. If u dont just do a quick research on the types and i will explain how to design a space frame chassis.

The race starts in darwin, australia, ends in adelaide, australia and takes over four days to complete. Maximum power point trackers efficiently made use of these cells and tracked the optimal load. These calculators are free to use or download, all excellent resources for anyone looking to install or understand more about solar pv systems. Improving your car design could be a good way to optimize a car. System design for a solar powered electric vehicle. Wk 2 draw example of car chassiscircuit and label components. The solar car team requires the chassis to have adequate space for the solar panel array and its attachment points, the battery box, and the electrical motor control unit. High priority requirements relevant to chassis design from cuer solar car design specification. Hi, first of all i assume that you know the basis chassis types monocoque, ladder, space frame, backbone etc. The car must also rely solely on solar power to reach maximum speed. Each cad and any associated text, image or data is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company, organization or realworld item, product, or good it may purport to portray. Used to design roses printed circuit board pcb the brain of the car. Design of solarelectric powered hybrid vehicle sephv. Duem is the longest running solar car team in the uk and is financed entirely by.

Durham university electric motorsport duem is a studentrun team in the united kingdom that designs and constructs solar powered cars to compete in international competitions. Ask students to create circuit diagram using crocodile clips. The solar car chassis was design using solid work 2010. There is no comparison to any other 4link software available. It could also help you to work on specific parts, as some software are made to work on electronic devices or mechanical parts. Provided three sets 12 total of ecopia with ologic technology solar car tires. Using a 2axis solar tracker increases the yield by 17%, but this gain is concentrated in summer. Calculates all possible instant center locations plus percentage of rise and squat. Solar cars combine technology typically used in the aerospace, bicycle, alternativeenergy and automotive industries. Depending on the design of the solar car you are making, there could be up to seven pieces that you must fit onto your build plate. Design of solarelectric powered hybrid vehicle sephv system with charge pattern optimization for energy cost. So, in order to make the vehicle move under low power consumption and the redesign of chassis has to be done. Used for mathematical analysis through programming for roses suspension.

Chassis engineering is a great introduction to race car design. Free solar pv calculators, design tools and software. Nasa images solar system collection ames research center. The objective of the present work is to design and analyze the cast iron chassis frame with two different cross sections. Below is a list of free solar calculators that can be used in the design of solar pv systems. We may never drive cars covered in photovoltaic cells like the one in this picture, but building a miniature solar car is a fun way to see how solar energy can be used for power make your own solar car. For the solar car designs listed on the clean energy institute website, they are already in this format.

Then, the 3d printed chassis, solar car parts, and supplemental learning resources will be mailed to participant to build their car. They have also selected to model the car based on a 1987 design called solar resource, which is pictured on the title page. Chassis master is easy to set up and calculates all possible ic locations, rise, squat, corner weights, center of gravity and even automatically adjust to changes in ride height or tire size. Finally the wiring of the electrical system onto the mechanical body is demonstrated. We spent countless hours observing and asking questions to our customers on how they would like to see pro work. In this first part of the chassis build, we cover the design of the chassis spaceframe and build the chassis forward of the firewall. As conclusion the best design for chassis is solar car chassis design 2 and the best for body is solar car body design 3. Go through circuitdraw a circuit diagram using crocodile clips and 3d pictorial diagram of circuit. Bendtech pro was introduced with our assembly interface which has taken the market by storm. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. U of m solar car chassis manufacturing optimization. Founded in 1989, the stanford solar car project is an entirely studentrun, nonprofit organization fueled by its members p assion for environmentally sustainable technology.

The design of a chassis for a solar powered car free download which are detailed along with all other requirements of high priority in the chassis design specification summary shown in table 1 below. Used by many of the best teams in drag racing, chassis master is easy to set up and input information. Zewailcity solar car internal structure design youtube. The design was conceived from point of view of a high efficiency, light weight and stable transport with reduced costs and zero emission in its operation and in the obtaining of the energy 3. Duem developed a new solar powered vehicle called dusc 2015, paying homage to the design work carried out while the team was still known as dusc dusc 2015 competed in the 2015 bridgestone world solar challenge. This is the primary reason why carbon fiber composites are extensively used in solar car chassis design. Solar car suspension and steering systems nick elderfield. Final solar car chassis designs will be sent to the instructor for 3d printing. Design, analysis and fabricate solar car chasis and body. I was inspired by what the team had done with phaeton and what the team was aspiring to do in the future and was hooked. There are thousands of details and tradeoffs to think about. Body construction upper shell light foam covered in fiberglas. A solar car, if it is to offer any sensible performance must be light in weight and relatively low powered, or in other words extremely efficient. Wk 2 draw example of car chassis circuit and label components.

As part of the chassis design, you will of course have worked out what type of suspension to use. The annual yield of a 10 kw pv system using sunpower modules was 10,890 kw h. During the structural design of our latest vehicle, tachyon, we decided to make the switch from a spaceframe chassis to a monocoque design, where some or all of the load on the vehicle is supported by an external shell. Solar tracking was thus found to be ineffective in increasing the winter yield, which is the bottleneck of the system. Solar energy is being used to produce electricity with the help. Design, analysis and fabricate solar car chasis and body race type. Aluminum alloy aa6063t6 was used as a material for solar car chassis. Track all chassis information including corner weights and center of gravity.

It also provides a protected space for the occupants. Nov 19, 2016 hi, first of all i assume that you know the basis chassis types monocoque, ladder, space frame, backbone etc. Dec 12, 2017 thanks to the generous support of ansys inc. It takes a highly dedicated team working nonstop to build a brand new solar car in two years. Gato del sol iii, was powered by a solar array of 480 silicon monocrystalline photovoltaic cells. For the amateur car designer, there are many tools available today that make designing a car easier. The chassis model was created in proe software and it is imported into ansys, static analysis is performed.

The team develops the solar eagle, a series of solar cars that have taken part in solar car races in the united states and in australia. A drivers life depends on sound design and execution. System design for a solar powered electric vehicle charging. Apr 17, 2020 tinkercad is a free, user friendly computer aided design software that allows for the design of 3d structures. The design of a solar car is severely limited by the amount of energy input into the car. Tinkercad is a free, user friendly computer aided design software that allows for the design of 3d structures. The finite element modeling and analysis were performed using algor software for analysis the solar car chassis. A detailed study of 7 unique solar pv design and simulation software s that were listed in a 2015 publication by mnreteri.

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